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Sponsorship: Technology as an Enabler – The Global Sailing Expedition


We're creating a platform


We're creating a platform for global technology vendors to talk about the importance of technology in a real-world, fresh-air format! Beyond boardrooms. Beyond ``technology for technology's sake.`` We're using technology because it makes our lives better...easier...because it allows us to do things we couldn't do before!


Enterprise Technology Vendors

We're seeking sponsors

We're seeking sponsors for our world-wide technology demonstration, to join the conversation with us. From guest appearances on podcast episodes, to providing equipment in-kind to be tested ``out in the wild,`` to placing corporate logos on our beautiful white sail, this is a brand-building opportunity! As an enterprise technology vendor ourselves, a byproduct of this voyage should be a TON of highly-engaging marketing material. Help us create it! Help us make this voyage happen. Help us DEMONSTRATE just how IMPACTFUL technology can be to our daily lives, turning the ``almost impossible`` into the ``possible.``

Our Mission

To showcase the power and versatility of modern technology by sailing around the world on a tech-equipped sailboat, emphasizing that with the right tools, one can stay connected and efficient even in the most remote parts of the world.

Sponsorship Packages

Platinum Sponsor (Limited to 1)

      • Branding on the sailboat’s main sail and hull.
      • Exclusive rights to any video content produced.
      • Mention in all press releases and interviews.
      • Price: $25000

Gold Sponsor (Limited to 3)

      • Branding on the sailboat’s secondary sails.
      • Access to select video content for marketing purposes.
      • Mention in select press releases.
      • Price: $10000

Silver Sponsor

      • Branding inside the sailboat and on expedition merchandise.
      • Access to periodic updates and content.
      • Price: $5000

Budget & Financials:
The funds will be allocated as follows:

  • 40% for Technology & Equipment
  • 30% for Sailing & Maintenance Costs
  • 20% for Content Production & Distribution
  • 10% for Miscellaneous & Emergency Funds

For more details or to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please get in touch with us.

Join us in this epic journey

Join us in this epic journey where the waves meet the digital age, and letโ€™s prove together that technology truly is an enabler!

I'm passionate about this project! While I'm not a sponsor, I wholeheartedly want to support it!