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From Romania to Athens: Navigating Uncertainty on the Waves of Change

So, we’ve waved Romania goodbye. Just as we were getting further out, with our LTE still in play, a few snaps of us, captured from the shore, pinged in. What a rush of emotions!

For the first couple of hours, adrenaline coursed through me. The magnitude of what I was embarking on hadn’t really settled in – here I was, hours deep into the Black Sea, sailing towards Dubai from Romania. Surreal!

Just after departure, Fiori curiously asked if I was familiar with marine knots. Without hesitation, I admitted my ignorance. Handing me a rope, he demonstrated a knot and declared it the only one I’d ever need. He urged me to keep at it all day. As I fumbled and practised, I suspected he assigned this task just to keep me occupied and away from his hair.

While I grappled with my rope, Fiori thoroughly inspected our boat. After a while, he approached with a sober expression, “We might have an issue. It’s manageable and can wait till Athens.” My heart sank when the next words were, “We’re taking in water!” Panic momentarily clouded my thoughts but swiftly, logic took over. While I had limited knowledge about sailing, I trusted my analytical skills honed over decades in business.

Following a brief discussion, returning to Romania was quickly dismissed. A slight detour to Athens became our new plan en route to Dubai. I continued perfecting my knot over the next few days, all while battling internal questions about our forthcoming stop in Greece. During this time, I even weathered what I then thought was my first storm (I’d later learn otherwise ๐Ÿ˜‚). The decision to dock at Athens just felt right. My business experience had taught me to be agile, ready for sudden pivots, and above all, to keep pushing forward. Decisions, once made after due deliberation, should be pursued with unwavering conviction.

Eventually, we entered Turkish waters, transitioned from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, and charted our course for Athens. Anticipation bubbled within as I looked forward to diving into the unfamiliar.

Hang tight! This journey’s about to get even more thrilling!